How we help you deliver relevant, consented campaigns



The world of digital marketing is currently undergoing significant change – from GDPR in 2018, to the upcoming ePR. As a result, third party cookies are all but redundant. And regulation authorities are increasingly cracking down on data protection infringement.

So how do you continue to deliver campaigns that reach the right audience at the right moment in their marketing lifecycle?

ActiveID future proofs your campaigns

If you want to ensure your display advertising campaigns achieve the results you need, and are fully compliant with ePR, you need ActiveID.

ActiveID works within consenTag to create a consented identifier that lasts long enough to carry out lifecycle marketing. And, by using advanced triangulation techniques, ActiveID enables probabilistic user matching in ad exchanges with 95% accuracy.

This means that, with consent, you can deliver relevant advertising across any browser. It also means that the changes brought in with ePR won’t impact your campaigns at all. You’re already one step ahead.

Find out how ActiveID can deliver results for you

Our lifecycle campaigns, delivered using ActiveID are delivering ground-breaking results for our clients, including a 6:1 incremental ROI for Moss Bros sales in a dire festive season for the retail industry.

We also delivered a 47% new customer rate (checked against a lifetime customer file) for Miss Selfridge in the “worst February for a decade” for the high street.

Please get in touch to find out how we can future proof your campaigns against ePR and the demise of the third party cookie, and deliver the results you need.