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You have arrived on this page because you clicked on this icon in the corner of the ad you just looked at.

This ad was served to you by Crimtan who work with our trusted partners to deliver online advertising. Some of the ads that we deliver use anonymous IDs to help us show you more relevant ads, but if you prefer to opt out of receiving relevant ads you may do so here.

Committed to your privacy

When serving a more relevant ad to you, Crimtan does not know your name, email address or any other information that can identify you as a person but, instead, uses an anonymous identifier (such as a cookie) located in your browser.

Crimtan is dedicated to the highest standards of consumer privacy and fully supports the rights of individuals as set out in the GDPR. Please read our Privacy Policy to find out more

We will only use your data for the purpose of delivering relevant advertising if you have given your consent and, in return, we provide you with the following rights:

How relevant advertising benefits web users

  • Relevant advertising helps keep a lot of the internet free
    More relevant ads improve revenues for many websites which enable them to provide more diverse and better-quality content to consumers for free.
  • Relevant ads are better than irrelevant ads
    Relevant ads are more useful as they could bring you information about new products you may like, a sale at your favourite store or more information about a product you have shown an interested in.

Ultimately, you are in control of whether information is used for relevant advertising or not. If you choose to opt-out of receiving relevant ads, we have tried to make it as easy as possible – just click the button below

Restrict processing

Please note that opting out of relevant advertising does not mean you will no longer receive online advertising from Crimtan or other suppliers. It does mean that Crimtan will no longer be able to deliver relevant ads tailored to your web preferences and usage patterns. Please visit here to opt out of tracking by other advertising technology providers.