Keeping everyone’s data safe and secure

Privacy, security and brand safety frameworks for complete compliance is at the core of everything that we do. As a company headquartered in the UK we make sure we’re fully compliant in all data privacy areas.

Since our inception over 15 years ago, Crimtan has been an industry leader for respecting user privacy in programmatic advertising.

Our pioneering technologies, ActiveID and ConsenTAG, enabled us to achieve early compliance with GDPR, followed by TCF 2.0 in 2017 and TCF 2.2 in 2023. We are proud to have been certified by numerous regulatory bodies worldwide, including TAG for Brand Safety, IAB Gold Standard 2.2, and ISO 27001.And we ensure we target people, not bots.

We have integrated our real-time buying platform with the two market-leading verification tools – Oracle Contextual Intelligence and Integral Ad Science (IAS) – to ensure every impression is delivered to a qualified person within an environment that is safe for all brands. Our extensive white and black lists can be customised to meet the individual requirements of each brand and its campaign.

With a proprietary technology that has privacy and security by design, our inclusion in ISO 27001 and IASME consortium ensures that all date is stored safely and securely.

Brand Safety & Fraud Frameworks

TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group): Brand Safety

TAG is the leading global initiative fighting criminal activity and increasing trust and transparency in digital advertising TAG’s brand safety programs bring the industry together to significantly reduce the risk of ad misplacement across the digital trading ecosystem.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence

The Oracle Contextual Intelligence suite of solutions stems from the Oracle Data Cloud acquisition of Grapeshot. This technology helps advertisers identify brand-safe environments, transform digital content into actionable data, and bring relevance to every customer experience.

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Gold Standard

IAB UK unites the digital advertising industry to champion innovation, set shared standards and make the complex simple by bringing together over 1,200 members from publishers, ad tech providers, agencies and brands. The Gold Standard is a certification for buyers and sellers of digital media to improve the digital advertising experience, help compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy law, tackle ad fraud, uphold brand safety, and strengthen supply chain transparency. As an advertiser, working with buyers and sellers who are Gold Standard certified benefits both your consumers and your business by improving the digital ad experience.

Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Verification and context control built to optimise your digital media strategy. Processing and analysing trillions of data events each month in order to identify anomalies that indicate fraud across all channels and platforms.

Privacy Frameworks

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Fully supporting GDPR with a market-leading solution that supports all the GDPR principles including fully supporting the rights of individuals.

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau): TCF 2.2

IAB Europe, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, is committed to continuous improvement and development of the Framework through industry collaboration to meet the needs of users and regulators. The iterations brought by the TCF v2.2 aim to bring further standardisation of the information and choices that should be provided to users over the processing of their personal data, and to how these choices should be captured, communicated and respected.

Security Frameworks

ISO 27001

This is one of the most popular information security standards in existence. Independent accredited certification to the Standard is recognised worldwide.

IASME Cyber Essentials

Protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber attacks.

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