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Crimtan and Plaza Premium Group shortlisted in the 2024 MARKies Awards

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been named as a finalist in this year’s MARKies Awards alongside Plaza Premium Group (PPG) for Most Effective Use of Programmatic Marketing.

Plaza Premium Group operates the world’s largest network of international airport lounges, redefining airport hospitality with a portfolio of 13 brands. However, within the travel vertical, Plaza Premium Group faced challenges in maximising direct channel growth due to limited regional brand awareness and a need for optimised marketing strategies. To overcome these challenges, Plaza Premium Group partnered with Crimtan in April 2022 for the Americas market, before expanding to the global market in October 2022.

The campaign objective was clear: to elevate awareness and drive ROI through a localised, pragmatic approach. We crafted a tailored, data-driven strategy to amplify Plaza Premium Group’s visibility within the digital landscape.

Amidst post-pandemic shifts in consumer travel behaviour, Plaza Premium Group sought heightened brand awareness in diverse regions including Singapore. Their ambition extended beyond the exclusive reputation of airport lounges, aiming to reposition their services as accessible and pay-as-you-go for all travellers.

While there are no direct competitors of Plaza Premium Group as a whole, each of their products has its own set of competitors. However, their focus was on increasing direct online bookings instead of relying on B2B partnerships to drive more revenue and loyalty.

The campaign was targeted at a global audience of in-market travellers for four products – Plaza Premium Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge Pass, Aerotel, and Allways. Navigating pandemic-induced travel limitations and a lean marketing budget, we identified Programmatic Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) as a solution to drive campaign efficiency. This approach enabled agile campaign launches, recurring updates and rapid creative adaptations, maximising the impact of every resource.

Through our ArchiTECH platform, a single tech stack that integrates DSP, DMP and DCO, variations of the campaign copy, creative and CTA were pulled dynamically from a data feed and populated in real-time according to the traveller’s persona, intent and nearest airport lounge location, tailoring the ads to the individual traveller at any given time.

“We’ve already seen major success in acquiring and converting new customers. Because of the nature of the travel industry, Crimtan’s speed to market and flexibility allowed us to pivot to changes quickly and efficiently. We’re looking forward to partnering with Crimtan in the future as we continue to grow our business, brands and product offerings.”

Esther Tan, Global Director of Marketing, Plaza Premium Group

The award winner will be announced at the MARKies Gala Dinner in Singapore on 26 April.

You can read more about the Plaza Premium campaign here, or get in touch to speak to our experts about how to improve the performance of your programmatic campaigns.