Crimtan certified for cyber intelligence and IASME governance

It’s important to us that we are a trusted partner for our clients. So we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been certified for cyber intelligence and IASME governance, which includes GDPR.

The IASME Governance standard was developed over several years during a government funded project to create a cyber security standard which would be an affordable and achievable alternative to the international standard, ISO 27001.

We’ve passed a Cyber Essentials assessment and meet GDPR requirements

The IASME Governance standard allows small companies like Crimtan who are in a supply chain, to demonstrate our level of cyber security and demonstrates that we are taking positive steps to properly protect our customers’ information.

The IASME Governance assessment includes a Cyber Essentials assessment and GDPR requirements, and we are proud to have passed both with flying colours.

We’re also TAG Brand Safety Certified and certified by JICWEBS

This new certification adds to our existing achievements. This year we were awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified seal for the second year running. In 2020, we were one of just 112 companies to be certified by the new TAG Brand Safety Certified program.

We were also proud to be recertified by JICWEBS last year. JICWEBS is an independent, cross-industry organisation that was created to bring trust and transparency to digital advertising.

The four digital advertising trade bodies behind JICWEBS are the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), the IAB UK, the ISBA, and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

JICWEBS sets standards that companies can be independently verified to. The standards are defined by cross-industry working groups and the representatives on those groups join through their trade bodies.

We were one of the first 10 companies to sign up to JICWEBS’ Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles in 2014.

Four years after we signed up, in April 2018, a House of Lords select committee on digital advertising recommended companies sign up with JICWEBS and commit to self-regulation.

You can trust that we will always lead in industry standards

Our industry is constantly evolving, and while there are few things you can bank on remaining the same, you can trust that we will always endeavour to protect our clients and maintain the highest possible standards.

Our certification for cyber intelligence and IASME governance is just the latest demonstration of this.

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