Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge® IP Geolocation Technology Integrated into Crimtan’s Advertising Platform

Industry-leading Geolocation Technology Used To Improve Online Advertising Performance Through Worldwide Audience Profiling.

LONDON, UK, 16th September 2013: Digital Element, the leading provider of IP geolocation intelligence technology, today announced that Crimtan, a UK based advertising technology company, has fully deployed its NetAcuity Edge® hyperlocal IP geolocation technology within Crimtan’s RAMP360™ platform, enabling accurate geographic targeting of online advertising to zip/postal code level worldwide.

Crimtan offers online advertisers digital marketing products and services that use unique data, audience profiling, targeting and optimisation, to enhance advertising campaign performance. Crimtan tested Digital Element’s IP data in 2012, adding users’ geographic location to their existing targeting capability. The test produced significant performance improvements – increasing click through rates and conversions while reducing wasted impressions and increasing advertising ROI. It was this success that led Crimtan to roll out NetAcuity Edge® to enable enhanced hyperlocal targeting and optimisation.

Yuri Staroselskiy, Chief Technology Officer at Crimtan, commented: “Accurate targeting of advertising is essential for our clients and, in combination with our own technology stack, we found that Digital Element’s accurate, granular-level IP geolocation data drives immense value for advertisers and complements our existing targeting and segmenting tools.” He continued: “We selected Digital Element because it is the most respected geolocation technology available and provides exceptionally precise geolocation data combined with impressive levels of customer service”.

Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge technology has revolutionised the IP geolocation space by providing the only validated IP-to-postcode geographic data on the market. While IP targeting techniques traditionally rely on routing infrastructure analysis to an approximate city-level location, NetAcuity Edge combines this traditional approach with anonymous insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the Internet. The result is the most detailed, hyperlocal dataset available worldwide today that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.

“We are delighted to be working with Crimtan and delivering the benefits of geotargeting to their diverse portfolio of clients”, said Kate Owen, Managing Director, Europe, at Digital Element. “Geography enables businesses to derive actionable conclusions about a user and is a key component in a campaign’s success. We are delighted to play a part in evolving and enhancing Crimtan’s product offering”.

Crimtan joins some of Digital Element’s other high-profile digital clients including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Channel Five, Adobe, AOL and DoubleClick.

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet. Digital Element’s patented technology combines Internet routing infrastructure analysis with hundreds of millions of partner-derived online end-points, resulting in the most accurate IP geolocation data available today. Most of the world’s largest networks, websites, retailers, publishers, advertisers and more deploy Digital Element’s IP technology to target advertising, localise content and video streaming, manage geographic rights and enhance analytics. As an industry pioneer, Digital Element has long been a technical leader in evolving non-invasive IP Intelligence technology.

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