Drowning in data, but starving for knowledge

Welcome to the first of my regular blogs about data science and online advertising.

I’m Maria Diapouli and I work full time for Crimtan as a KTP Associate with the University of Brighton. For the next two years I am focused on finding out how we can use the vast amounts of data that Crimtan has within its integrated technology stack to improve audience profiling, target audiences, drive performance and find new customers.

As a data scientist I will be using tools such as artificial intelligence, advanced mathematics and computer modelling techniques to develop, test and implement a range of new technologies. Assisting me with this is the team from the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics – especially Dr. Roger Evans and Professor Miltos Petrides.

So, to start at the beginning – how do we extract knowledge from data? The key to this is Data Mining. Data mining is regarded as the logical next step in leveraging the company’s most important asset: its data. Before I got mining though, I needed get to know Crimtan’s established data team so I visited Crimtan’s Russia office where the technical team in St. Petersburg provided me with insight into how the optimisation process is accomplished in terms of processes and technology.

Watch out for my next blog when the work starts for real!