Dynamic Prospecting officially part of Dick Smith marketing mix

Crimtan Brings Dynamic Prospecting to Australia with Dick Smith Campaign

Dick Smith Electronics is ramping up its ‘digital prospecting’, using Crimtan to target customers entirely outside of its purchasing funnel. The electronics retailer has been trialling the company for about four months, and has signalled that it will now become part of its official marketing mix.

Sydney, Australia, 12th March 2015: Leading Australian consumer electronics giant, Dick Smith has successfully run the first Dynamic Prospecting campaign in the Australian market using global digital marketing technology company, Crimtan.

The Dick Smith campaign was created as a result of collaboration between the brand’s media agency, D212 and the Crimtan Australia team, enabling Dick Smith to feed 250 ‘special offer’ products automatically into Crimtan’s dynamic ad-server each week. The dynamic creative build is handled by Crimtan’s creative arm, Scenestealer. Dick Smith wanted an innovative data led solution to compliment activity on other channels whilst maximising return on investment through online sales.

While the concept of dynamic retargeting is already widely used, Crimtan is the first company to develop a strategy using dynamic creative for prospecting campaigns – reaching potential customers who have never visited a brand’s website before. Using predictive modelling – based on Crimtan’s own audience data – dynamic prospecting leverages proprietary technology to serve the most relevant product ad to the right consumer, based on their anonymous profile, as well as tailoring the message and offer to that user.

Tasman Page, Digital Marketing and Insights Manager from Dick Smith, commented, “We found that a dynamic prospecting solution – with its wide range of different product categories and the ability to run dynamic messages – works well for our business. Crimtan allows us to target a completely new online audience, with messaging that is both relevant to the customer and consistent with messaging in other channels.  We are confident that our prospecting campaign is gaining incremental sales, which puts real weight behind the numbers”

“Personalising the advertising message to a relevant audience allows a tailored message to cut through the clutter, resulting in an up-lift in ad engagement,” commented Tara Crosby, Managing Director, Crimtan Australia.Dick Smith wanted to synchronise its product offers, price points, and messaging across a number of different channels, including affiliate and email, and Crimtan’s dynamic prospecting solution allows it to easily change any special offers being promoted that week across multiple platforms.”

Dick Smith has nine different product categories and Crimtan established unique profiles for each of these to enable precise product targeting. The profile of a web user looking to purchase a Plasma TV, for example, is very different to another user interested in buying a camera or sat nav device. Prospecting ads are dynamically populated each week with the top 250 products with the product image, price feeds, and URL. The ads are then delivered to the most relevant user, based on their anonymous profile.

One key advantage of using dynamic feeds is the ease in which messages can change. Rather than a creative agency producing dozens of different banners, the template and design are agreed beforehand and the product information is automatically populated. The ad variables can include image, text, price, location, and relevant URL landing pages. While Dick Smith is a retailer, the solution can be tailored to work just as effectively for travel, automotive, finance, and telecommunications companies.