Giving Lambeth residents their say: Lambeth Borough Council Waste Collection Consultation

Lambeth’s Council Cabinet is in the process of updating its waste strategy from 2024, proposing a move from a weekly collection to fortnightly.

Lambeth’s Council Cabinet is in the process of updating its waste strategy from 2024, proposing a move from a weekly collection to fortnightly. The move to fortnightly waste collection has already been introduced in more than half of London’s boroughs, and the data shows that it works to boost recycling, helping councils achieve their Net Zero goals. Lambeth Borough Council worked with us on a campaign to help them communicate with and understand the views of their community, and give residents the opportunity to have their say on the proposal.

Lambeth Borough Council highlighted the households who were likely to be most affected by this policy change to ensure the campaign targeting was as precise as possible. They also voiced the need to give those from low-income households an opportunity to have their views heard, as it’s often these families that are the greatest affected by any urban policy changes. However, they are also often the hardest to reach.

We were confident that with the right geo-fencing and targeting, we could give these residents their say. Geo-fencing was applied to restrict targeting to Lambeth Borough residents, with surrounding boroughs also targeted during work hours and retargeting applied on a national basis.

Then we also used a combination of demographic, behavioural, contextual and situational targeting to focus delivery on users who lived in houses or maisonette flats, rather than large blocks or housing estates. This targeting helped reach single-bin households who would be most affected by the proposed changes.

The campaign delivered impressive results, with a total of 1,675,000 impressions in just over a month. Through precision targeting, we were able to drive a 0.10% CTR and generate 1,690 clicks to the consultation landing page. This helped generate over 6,500 survey submissions.

“We want to create a borough where people recycle more, re-use more and waste less. This is something we can all embrace as we look to act locally to address the global issues of climate change, extreme weather conditions and limited resources.”

“A consultation with online surveys gave residents the opportunity to give feedback. This feedback was then analysed, and measures have been proposed to address the concerns raised.”  – Cllr Chowdhury, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air

We’re proud to help Lambeth continue taking these positive strides towards a greener and cleaner borough, and if you would like to find out more about how we can all work towards more sustainable advertising practices, read our sustainability whitepaper here.

If this fortnightly schedule is adopted, the move allows a reduction in the number of vehicles required to carry out the council’s waste collection services, cutting emissions and congestion while contributing to cleaner air. We’re excited to see what is next for Lambeth, and if you’re interested in working with Crimtan to get your message out into your community and understand what your residents have to say, get in touch today