How an exciting new tool that leverages attention time measurement is set to shake up mobile advertising

In 2021, global ad spend on mobile advertising topped $295 billion. But how much of that money was spent wisely? Find out how a new tool is set to shake up the industry.

There are some known problems with mobile advertising. These include poor inventory, limited metrics that don’t give a holistic view of a campaign’s performance (instead relying on metrics like brand safety, viewability and CTR), and small ad sizes and poor creativity.

Advertisers also need to contend with a congested ecosystem that bombards users with ads, increased multitasking which means that even if someone has their mobile device on and in their hand, it doesn’t mean they’re actually paying attention to it, and an average attention span that has now reduced to just eight seconds – lower than a goldfish!

So it’s not surprising that as many as 50% of all mobile ad clicks (according to Google) are accidental.

Our new mobile tool uses a unique, three-pronged approach

We are on a mission to shake up mobile advertising with a new product that uses a unique, three-pronged approach, and incorporates our unique new Attention Time Measurement Tool (ATT):

  1. Private exchange – To counter poor-quality real estate with low impact ad sizes and placements, we have built our own private relationships with publishers, ensuring favorable ad sizes and placements – plus access to premium inventory and first party publisher data.
  2. Attention Time Measurement Tool (ATT) – Monitoring, measuring and optimizing towards attention time is the first step to driving better results for clients. Our ATT monitors, optimises and measures users’ attention, enabling us to improve results for our clients – whether that’s for awareness, consideration, recall, or sales.
  3. High impact mobile creative – Our creative formats are designed to maximize attention time. Our ads are user friendly, look the part and grab user attention and drive true user engagement rather than an accidental click.

Our new high impact mobile solution is being launched on 6 April 2022.


With numerous mobile ads and privacy lead marketing it’s becoming crucial for brands to capture and understand consumer’s attention. To maximise attention time, we must step away from old fashioned mobile strategies, that solely rely on data and disregard the importance of creative and contextual relevance in mobile advertising.At Crimtan we are committed to providing solutions that drive great outcomes for our clients. Our robust new mobile offering strengthens our omni channel solution and we are excited to help our clients improve their mobile performance as a result.

To find out more about our exciting new mobile advertising tool, please get in touch.