How has COVID-19 impacted charity donations? Download our free report and find out

A lot has changed this year. And one sector that has seen a significant difference in finances and customer behaviour during lockdown is charities.

Before lockdown started, the charities we worked with were receiving an average of 2,362 donations a week. But how did that change in lockdown?

During lockdown, donations increased to an average of 5,740 donations a week. And as the UK started to transition out of lockdown, they increased again to an average of 18,792 donations a week.

But did the actual amount charities were receiving remain the same? To find out, download our free report on how charity donations changed during lockdown. In it you’ll learn:

  • How the value of donations changed
  • How donations changed by postcode in the UK
  • How online activity changed in lockdown
  • How the top behavioural segments have changed
  • What impact COVID-19 has had on activity
  • What impact the weather has on results
  • What charities can learn from this information

If you’re a charity trying to raise donations, this report is a must-read. It’s a unique insight into people’s behaviour during COVID-19 – particularly on their donations – and will help you better predict and plan for future activity.

Download your free copy of our charity report now.