How we increased a global furniture brand’s searches by 50K in one month

Who was the client?

The client was a global home furniture giant.

What was the brief?

The client wanted to understand the uplift that digital activity has on their brand awareness by analysing shifts in Google Search Activity, based on trends over the past five years. They also wanted to find out how running two campaigns together impacted results.

What did we do?

To test the impact of brand uplift, we built out a representative keyword group of 500+ key search phrases relating to branded product queries, and a representative keyword portfolio of 3000+ competitor and ‘market demand’ keywords.

We assessed the uplift in brand keyword volumes brand against the control group market to assess
the positive impact of the campaign. To assess statistical significance we set upper and lower confidence

And to test the impact of a multiple campaign approach, we ran two campaigns:

  • Christmas
  • Home improvement

We pulled 11,104,275 unique users who were shown ads from either campaign. We then matched these users against whether they eventually converted or not.

What were the results?

We increased weekly brand searches by an additional 50K in December through digital activity. Our activity had a halo affect on overall performance that cannot be tracked via standard attribution windows. This uplift appears to be a long-term shift. We also saw a 450% increase in probability to convert when combining campaigns.

Download our full case study to find out what the data told us about predicted demand compared to actual demand between campaign start and end dates.