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Navigating the UK ZEV mandate: Leveraging real-time data with Crimtan’s Auto Intent dashboard

As the automotive landscape undergoes a monumental shift towards sustainability, the recent enforcement of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate in the UK has become a game-changer for the industry. Mandating that at least 22% of each car maker’s sales must be electric, the ZEV legislation paves the way for a future where all new cars and vans must be zero-emission by 2035. And, with the percentage gradually rising each year, the urgency to adapt to this transition is more evident than ever.

In response to these evolving market dynamics, Crimtan introduces the Auto Intent dashboard – a crucial tool for auto advertisers looking to engage with a specific consumer base, even more useful with the increasing interest in electric cars. This real-time dashboard, developed in partnership with industry authorities like WhatCar, Autocar, and Autoexpress, provides a comprehensive overview of intent-to-buy data for every UK car make and model.

The ZEV mandate, in effect from January 2024, necessitates strategic planning for automotive brands. The government has also committed that 100% of central government cars and vans will be fully zero-emission by 2027, which is about 40,000 vehicles. The penalty for non-compliance in 2024 stands at £15,000 per non-compliant car, emphasising the need for a proactive approach. Crimtan’s Auto Intent dashboard empowers advertisers to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving market by offering real-time insights into the location, car type, and fuel type preferences of potential buyers.

Amidst a substantial shift in demand, reflected in Mercedes’ (just as an example, but pick any manufacturer) 90% drop in the petrol vs. EV ratio in just six months, from March’s plate-change to September’s, Crimtan’s real-time data becomes paramount. The Auto Intent dashboard ensures advertisers can make informed decisions by exploring data on customer interests instantaneously and effortlessly. By understanding the intent-to-buy for each make and model, advertisers can align their strategies with the changing preferences of the market, ultimately driving success in the era of electric vehicles.

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