Download our travel industry whitepaper

05 Apr, 2019

Display advertising isn’t new to the travel industry. But despite many programmatic implementations, key travel industry challenges still haven’t been resolved. And as a result media campaigns aren’t working – and budget is being wasted.

In this whitepaper we explain why this is happening. We explore the issues travel marketers face, and explain how programmatic can deliver a new approach that can significantly improve display advertising results. So you can get more from your digital budget.

Inside this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • How travel companies can the most from their digital budget
  • The three biggest mistakes travel marketers are making
  • How to get travel retargeting right
  • Why last click attribution doesn’t work in travel
  • How travel firms are missing big upsell opportunities
  • Why it’s a mistake to rely on cookies in travel campaigns
  • Why travel marketers need to get their creative right
  • How programmatic, data and creative can solve travel challenges
  • How together, creative and data can build brand loyalty
  • Four effective creative and data travel tactics
  • Four ways you can supercharge your results
  • How you can get more from your digital budget

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