Meet Chad Reelfs, Crimtan’s new Senior Director – Americas

We’re delighted to welcome Chad Reelfs as our new new Senior Director – Americas.

Chad has been a part of building and scaling several $100M businesses, and he is passionate about building long-lasting partnerships with his clients by adding value to them personally and helping to create strategic win-win opportunities.

What’s your career background?

I started my digital career at Intuit in 2005, managing online affiliate marketing programs for several different companies that Intuit owned.

In 2007, I was a founding employee of Sojern, where I helped build and scale the company from zero to over $150M a year, and a $350M valuation in 2018.

Sojern was one of the pioneers of programmatic advertising and secured data partnerships with the world’s largest airlines, OTAs, and travel meta sites. I have worked with multiple fortune 500 travel brands and also launched Sojern’s non-travel division, working with Berkshire Hathaway, Exxon Mobile, Microsoft, Sprint, Visa, and many others.

Why did you want to work at Crimtan?

I was impressed By Crimtan’s cost saving to the client, transparent dashboard, amazing technology, cookieless solution, and doing things right with data and privacy.

I jumped out of ad sales and adTech for the last year. To be honest, I was a little frustrated by the lack of new technology that I was seeing and the lack of transparency in the industry. I didn’t expect to get back involved until I came across Crimtan. I was highly impressed with the cookieless solution that they weren’t just working on, but running actual cookieless campaigns. Crimtan has a dashboard that allows you to see what their traders see and the fact that they have their own bidder and ad server it allows you to see and learn which eliminates the BlackBox of programmatic that so many companies hide behind.

Crimtan is doing things the right way and has slowly been building powerhouse technology and a business that focuses on integrity in the space, and this really drew me to them.

I love helping solve problems for my clients and Crimtan saves clients money through their DCO built into their ad server, and the fact that their clients can see conversions on Safari and Firefox with their cookieless solution is a huge win. Crimtan’s lifecycle marketing platform also allows viewability to the whole customer journey to get true insights and drive engagement.

The Adara partnership was a huge reason I joined Crimtan, and there’s a huge amount of value with two senior-level people from Adara (Crimtan’s Senior Vice President, Americas) and Sojern coming together to impact travel.

One of the main reasons we had a lot of success at Sojern and Intuit was the culture that we built in the early days. Crimtan is filled with smart, humble, hungry, and high integrity-driven people. Transparency isn’t a word they just use, it’s a way of life and how they have built the company, the right way focusing on what’s honorable for their people, partners, and clients.

I’m confident that Crimtan will quickly become the next $100M company that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.

Who are Crimtan?

Crimtan are the experts in lifecycle marketing for programmatic. Launched in 2009, our mission is to be a trusted partner who delivers the most relevant, consented programmatic advertising, that drives exceptional incremental ROI across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent customer service and outstanding results.

We have offices across the world, including London, Chicago, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

What is lifecycle marketing?

While all digital marketing channels independently follow a similar process of finding new customers, converting prospects and then growing customer lifetime value, most track success by the wrong metrics and brands often base their marketing plans on activities that aren’t producing incremental new sales.

We believe the best way for brands to build relationships with their customers is through a planned always-on marketing approach of unified communications across multiple medias and channels.

NEW: Track how your brand activity is performing. Leverage real-time signals and brand uplift of keyword searches to understand where and when new customers are showing interest.

CONVERT: Encourage new prospects to purchase. Drive new customer conversions by using relevant creative messaging across all digital marketing channels to achieve your optimal ROAS.

GROW: Drive incrementality from your customer-base. Grow your Customer Lifetime Value by reducing the Cost Per Reactivation through post conversion activities aimed at retention and re-sale opportunities.

Want to find out more about what we do and how we can help you? Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to chat.