Meet Frank Cheng, our new Asia Business Director

We’re delighted to welcome Frank Cheng as our new Asia business director. Frank has over 14 years’ experience working with advertising agencies across the globe and is a native speaker of both English and Mandarin.

Frank’s experience has given him a deep knowledge of the digital marketing trends in both the US and Asia-Pacific, and we’re excited about the strategic recommendations he can offer to our clients to help them successfully grow their brand internationally using programmatic advertising.

What’s your career background?

My journey in advertising started in 2007 with an internship with J. Walter Thompson in Cairo, working on the Vodafone account, while I was studying abroad in Egypt. After college, I continued to work in agencies in Los Angeles, helping Fortune 500 clients (Toyota, T-Mobile & JCPenney) shift from traditional media to digital media.

Once I’d completed my graduate degree, I moved to New York City, and eventually joined as one of the founding members of the APAC team. In 2017, the team relocated to Hong Kong to establish the APAC HQ.

I managed the Sales team, working closely with all major travel brands to scale and improve their performance using the metasearch engine. In those four years, we managed to grow the team from 5 to 100, while facilitating the acquisition of both and Hotels Combined.

KAYAK inspired me to always look at numbers and data strategically, which led me into the programmatic world. In 2019, I was thrilled to join Sojern, helping clients explore programmatic advertising and educate them the power of machine learning and real time bidding.

What I bring unique to the table is my deep knowledge of the digital marketing trends in both the US and Asia-Pacific, that can provide strategic recommendations to clients on how to successfully grow their brand internationally utilizing programmatic advertising.

As a native speaker of both English and Mandarin has helped me tremendously in growing the region, while managing both internal and external stake holders with transparency and honesty.

My true joy is to continue to be at the forefront of innovation by learning and listening, however, I don’t want to be doing this alone. I genuinely believe everything is more fun when you have company. Whether it’s my team or my clients, I want us all to be on this journey together and come out as winners.

Why did you want to work at Crimtan?

The first thing I noticed was the people. Honest, smart, hardworking and no-frills, which is exactly the kind of team I would like to work with at this stage of my career.

Crimtan’s technology is not just powerful and innovative but also transparent, which makes it competitive in the market. It brings something unique to the table, while maintaining a strong customer loyalty.

Crimtan is focusing on investing in their team and their clients. The leadership is not only accessible but open to in-market feedback and wants to provide the best solution to the clients, which is actually not so common these days, as many tech companies are under the pressure to drive quantity versus quality.

Honestly, as many of my teammates would say, just give Crimtan a try, and we’re good to go!

Why is now an exciting time for Crimtan in Asia?

Asia is at the forefront of managing the pandemic, with lower cases, the domestic economy is on the rise for most of the region – China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Asia has begun looking into travel bubbles between countries, including Hong Kong and Singapore, also Mainland China to Macau and Hong Kong. Hopefully once these travel bubbles start, we will see the travel vertical regain its strength.

The Crimtan and Adara partnership has brought the best programmatic technology and travel data into one platform, and our intention is to be there at ground zero, helping the travel vertical navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

Crimtan technology has proven its capability to not only handle GDPR but also now the cookie-less environment, and it’s gaining a lot of attention in Asia. We have clients reaching out to us, just to better understand how to navigate the changes. I’m so proud to be part of a company that is viewed as the frontrunner of this solution.

Crimtan is currently working with clients in various industries in Asia, including e-commerce, retail, finance, and hospitality, because our solution is adaptable, and our technology is one of kind, yet we are extremely transparent with our work.

Clients in Asia want honest relationships, where they can see the calculations and the work that was done on their campaigns, and it’s so refreshing to know that Crimtan’s system is designed based on efficiency and transparency. This means we are built to allow clients to be part of the journey.

Not only have we continued working for clients through the pandemic, but we’ve continued to grow. Take our furniture client, IKEA. Originally, we started in Japan, and hit a home run on our performance with an ROI of 20x. Now we are running in Southeast Asia, and about to go live in Hong Kong.

Our performance speaks for itself, and with our lifecycle strategy, we are high touch on every stage of the customer journey, making sure that we deliver quality work from end to end. That’s how we gain the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Who are Crimtan?

Crimtan are the experts in lifecycle marketing for programmatic. Launched in 2009, our mission is to be a trusted partner who delivers the most relevant, consented programmatic advertising, that drives exceptional incremental ROI across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent customer service and outstanding results.

We have offices across the world, including London, Chicago, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

What is lifecycle marketing?

While all digital marketing channels independently follow a similar process of finding new customers, converting prospects and then growing customer lifetime value, most track success by the wrong metrics and brands often base their marketing plans on activities that aren’t producing incremental new sales.

We believe the best way for brands to build relationships with their customers is through a planned always-on marketing approach of unified communications across multiple medias and channels.

NEW: Track how your brand activity is performing. Leverage real-time signals and brand uplift of keyword searches to understand where and when new customers are showing interest.

CONVERT: Encourage new prospects to purchase. Drive new customer conversions by using relevant creative messaging across all digital marketing channels to achieve your optimal ROAS.

GROW: Drive incrementality from your customer-base. Grow your Customer Lifetime Value by reducing the Cost Per Reactivation through post conversion activities aimed at retention and re-sale opportunities.

Want to find out more about what we do and how we can help you? Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to chat.