New publisher service, Crimtan Select, gets big advertisers for small publishers

New technology enables small and medium sized publishers to enter premium advertiser marketplace and access tools to drive up inventory value.

Publishers that have been largely ignored by big advertisers and agencies in the past can now use a new suite of tools previously only available to the biggest websites.

Crimtan Select – a new service from digital advertising company Crimtan – provides the technology, support and access to premium advertisers that small and medium sized publishers (SMPs) need to dramatically improve site revenue.

Many SMPs have dedicated visitors, with specific consumer needs and interests. Crimtan Select enables these publishers to gain much higher CPMs and generate revenue that properly reflects the value of their audience. Publishers generate maximum revenue from their inventory and gain the credibility and kudos that comes with displaying ads from premium advertisers.

Crimtan Select uses the latest in Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and proprietary behavioural profiling technology to maximise the value of publishers’ inventory. Full campaign reporting, unique visitor intelligence and ad serving at no cost complete the suite of services that allow SMPs to take advantage of all the technology developments available to the biggest websites.

David Wiltshire, Business Development Director of Crimtan Select, said: “Many sites have good quality content geared to niche audiences, which are of great value for advertisers. Recent developments in technology mean that SMPs can now access high CPM campaigns from some of the biggest and best-known advertisers on the web. Crimtan Select is in the right place at the right time to help SMPs increase revenue by taking advantage of the latest advances in inventory management and digital advertising sales technology.”

Five key elements of Crimtan Select that benefit SMPs are:

  • Crimtan’s established relationships with advertising agencies in the UK, Irelandand CEE.
  • Proprietary behavioural profiling and segmentation technology that enables Crimtan to target web users interested in specific products and services on sites with unrelated content – providing publishers with higher than usual CPM.
  • Real Time Bidding technology, which allows publishers to offer each individual impression for auction to a large number of competing advertisers, achieving the maximum price for their inventory
  • Advanced campaign and visitor reporting tools that provide unique analytic insights to help maximise revenue and conduct effective marketing campaigns.
  • Custom segments for site visitors that enable publishers to retarget existing visitors and expand their visitor base using cost-effective marketing to drive similar web users to the site.

Crimtan Select already represents a number of sites. Steven Georgiou, Owner of, a Crimtan publisher, said: “As a small publisher, we’re often ignored by the big ad networks and agencies, and don’t have the manpower or time to manage self-service ad platforms to the optimum. Crimtan Select provides us with the tools, full support and customer service that self-service ad platforms don’t provide. It marries top tier advertisers to our valuable users – helping us to improve the appearance and legitimacy of our site and impress our users with the quality and relevance of the ads they see.”