How we delivered 6:1 incremental ROI in display for Moss Bros

20 Feb, 2019

Christmas 2018 wasn’t very merry for most UK retail brands. The sector saw a 3.1% drop in Boxing Day shoppers and 75% clothing discounts before the peak shopping season.

But not all retailers fared badly. Find out how, thanks to an innovative display strategy, we were able to deliver a 43% new customer rate for Moss Bros, and a 9:1 ROI.

What was the brief?

Moss Bros had never considered display as a meaningful marketing channel. However, the most important quarter for retail is Q4, and they were looking for new ways to find customers and prospect them to purchase during this period.

Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Increase the number of new customers they reached and converted.
  • Ensure that the display channel was driving proper incrementality (i.e. genuinely new customers).
  • Achieve an incremental 4:1 ROI.
  • Ensure that their brand was represented in the right way and leverage their trade brand to drive performance.

What did we do?

From the outset we aligned our creative planning to Moss Bros trade plan. We also changed the messaging on our banners daily – this was particularly important in Q4 where, thanks to events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, trade initiatives change daily.

The budget was initially split between new customers (65%) and prospecting to conversion (35%). We used our proprietary mix of robust incrementality (which we agreed with Moss Bros) and control methodology to measure the difference, and enhanced tracking implementation to split out new customer orders against existing customer orders. We then tested the campaign against a 5% control group.

Using our lifecycle marketing display strategy, we found new customers, moved prospectors to conversion, and grew lifetime value. Our campaign was creative led, but data driven. We used first party, third party, ambient and performance overlays.

Importantly, the Moss Bros team were highly engaged throughout the campaign, and refreshed creative with key calls to action which supported our targeting strategies and helped drive more engagement.

What were the results?

  • We generated £240k of incremental revenue at 5.4-6.4 ROI. Overall ROI was 9:1.
  • We delivered a new customer rate of 43% (checked against their five-year customer file).
  • The cost per order was £8.20, across new and existing customers.

The control group confirmed the incrementality of results above.

What did we learn?

The peak hours of the day for new customer targeting were 8pm-10pm. For prospecting to conversion it was 6pm-7pm. Sunday was the best performing day across both segments.

Desktop accounted for 66% of revenue, mobile 29% and tablet 5%. The top three audiences in this campaign were:

  • Fashion Grooming & Beauty
  • Shopping
  • Business Decision Maker

What was the client’s reaction?

Moss Bros were astounded and delighted with the results. Particularly as industry average new customer rate is 25-30% (compared to our rate of 43%). As a result, they have retained Crimtan to continue running lifecycle campaigns for them on an ongoing basis.

Here’s what they said about working with us:

“Crimtan have become a key component in our marketing strategy. We have discovered completely new customers to our business, as well as re-activating lapsed segments, whilst having complete control of our brand across the network.

Crimtan have provided excellent customer service throughout and I am looking forward to the coming year where we can build out our lifecycle strategy via relevant and timely engagement of our growing customer base.”

Emma Galpin, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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