Success Stories

Jazeera Airways soars with a 20:1 ROI through Smarter Audience Targeting

Client Overview

Jazeera Airways, a leading low-cost carrier (LCC) based in Kuwait, sought to increase ticket sales across their diverse flight routes. Known for offering affordable travel options, Jazeera Airways aimed to maximise their marketing efficiency through advanced programmatic advertising.


Impressive ticket sales


Remarkable ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted approach

The Challenge

Jazeera Airways faced the challenge of boosting ticket sales in a competitive market.

Their specific objectives included:

  • Achieving significant growth in ticket sales
  • Maximising return on investment (ROI) through efficient advertising
  • Engaging travellers with personalised and relevant offers

The Objectives

Jazeera Airways set out to:

  1. Increase ticket sales across various flight routes
  2. Achieve a high ROI through targeted programmatic advertising
  3. Utilise dynamic creative optimization (DCO) to deliver personalised ads

The Solution

To meet these ambitious goals, we implemented a sophisticated marketing strategy using dynamic creative optimisation and smarter audience targeting. Our approach included:

Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO)

We delivered personalised dynamic ads tailored to users based on their location and language preferences. This ensured that each ad was relevant and engaging for the target audience.

Website Pixel Data

We used website pixel data to collect flight search details from users. This data was then used to populate the creative with the lowest possible prices from the data feed, appealing to travellers looking for the best deals.

Smarter Audience Targeting

By leveraging detailed audience insights, we targeted users with a high propensity to book flights, ensuring our ads reached the most relevant and high-potential customers.

“We were looking for a partner who didn’t just white label a dynamic creative solution, but put DCO at the heart of their retargeting performance product, enabling us to always operate at peak efficiency for our strongest performing tactics. Crimtan is that partner and their service levels are way above the standard we are used to seeing in the region.”

Jazeera Airways Representative

The Conclusion

Jazeera Airways’ campaign to boost ticket sales was a resounding success. By leveraging dynamic creative optimization and smarter audience targeting, we helped Jazeera Airways achieve a phenomenal 20:1 ROI and sell 50,000 tickets. This case study highlights the power of tailored, data-driven marketing strategies in driving exceptional results in the travel industry. Jazeera Airways’ success story is a testament to the impact of innovative marketing and the importance of understanding and engaging with diverse audience segments effectively.