See how Crimtan can profile your customers – and discover new ones – through targeted, personalised messaging.

Crimtan’s fully programmatic, transparent approach shows you where your digital marketing spend is
going and how it’s performing – giving you complete and consistent control to help drive more revenue.

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For every client and every project Crimtan work in three key stages.

  • 1.Predict

    Our unique Architect™ technology reveals how your customers are behaving online and creates a clear single consumer view. Multiple integrated user and market data sources show the true value of data before you buy it and even predict how your campaign will perform.

  • 2.Control

    Our advanced dashboard shows how your campaign is performing with complete clarity and insight. You see what’s working, what isn’t – and what it’s all costing. So you get the insights to control your budget and get the best ROI.

  • 3.Activate

    Crimtan’s in-house traders share the data, inventory and strategies to help you navigate the landscape and activate intelligence that drives success. Plus, our expert analysis benchmarks performance and informs future campaigns.

Our tailored campaign strategies reach consumers at every stage of their journey.

Human and artificial intelligence combine to optimise campaigns towards your KPIs,
whatever your marketing goal. In fact, whatever your product, service, market, country
or audience, we help with four essential products.


Win more customers by delivering relevant and engaging messages to your target market


Discover and target potential customers actively looking to buy - and drive them to your site


Dynamically re-message hot prospects who have visited your site and bring them back to purchase

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