Success Stories

Auto Intent drives 2.5x campaign efficiency for UK car buyers

Client Overview

Auto Intent offers exclusive access to privacy-compliant, industry-approved car buying intent data for every car make and model in the UK. With a mission to empower automotive marketers, Auto Intent focuses on delivering highly efficient and targeted marketing solutions.


Greater engagement with potential car buyers


Increase in campaign performance

The Challenge

Auto Intent aimed to demonstrate the power of their data-driven approach by significantly improving campaign efficiency for targeting UK car buyers.

Their objectives included:

  • Achieving greater engagement and campaign performance
  • Demonstrating the superiority of their targeting data compared to traditional methods
  • Providing automotive marketers with precise insights to inform their campaigns

The Objectives

Auto Intent set out to:

  1. Enhance engagement rates with potential car buyers
  2. Achieve a substantial increase in overall campaign performance
  3. Prove the effectiveness

The Solution

To meet these ambitious goals, we implemented a sophisticated marketing strategy using smarter audience targeting and data collectives. Our approach included:

Smarter Audience Targeting

By leveraging Auto Intent’s exclusive car buying intent data, we precisely targeted UK car buyers. This data provided detailed insights into the specific makes, models, and fuel types that potential buyers were interested in.

Data Collectives

We utilized data collectives to aggregate and analyze car buying intent data, ensuring our targeting was based on the most current and relevant information. This approach enabled us to deliver highly relevant and engaging ads to the right audience.

In-Depth Customer Insights

Using premium customer insights from Auto Intent, we unlocked a deep understanding of what car-buying customers were looking for. These insights informed our marketing campaigns, ensuring that our messaging was highly relevant and timely.

The Conclusion

Auto Intent’s campaign to target UK car buyers was a resounding success. By leveraging exclusive car buying intent data and smarter audience targeting, we achieved 2.5x greater engagement and a 500% increase in campaign performance. This case study highlights the power of data-driven marketing strategies in driving exceptional results in the automotive industry. Auto Intent’s success story is a testament to the impact of innovative marketing and the importance of understanding and engaging with specific audience segments effectively.