Success Stories

Jeep positions the new Wagoneer as a luxury must-have, achieving a 92% reduction in CPA

Client Overview

Jeep, a globally recognised automotive brand, sought to position its new Wagoneer as a luxury must-have among discerning audiences in the UAE. Known for its rugged yet refined vehicles, Jeep aimed to captivate luxury business travelers and increase test drive and quote enquiries for the new Wagoneer.


Reduction in cost per acquisition

0.22% CTR

68% higher than the objective

The Challenge

Jeep faced the challenge of reaching and engaging a niche audience of luxury business travellers. Their goals included:

  • Increasing test drive bookings and quote enquiries
  • Reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Ensuring high engagement with the right audience to drive meaningful interactions

The Objectives

Jeep set out to:

  1. Target luxury business travellers effectively
  2. Increase conversions through test drives, quotes, and contact form submissions
  3. Optimise advertising spend by reducing CPA
  4. Enhance website engagement with targeted and relevant messaging

The Solution

To meet these ambitious goals, we employed a sophisticated marketing strategy leveraging smarter connected marketing techniques. Our approach included:

Precise Audience Targeting

Utilizing our Dubai Connect audience data, we precisely targeted segments including luxury goods, personal wealth, business, automotive, politics, and economy. This data-driven targeting ensured that our ads reached the most relevant and high-potential audiences.

Display Advertising

We deployed visually compelling display ads designed to attract and engage the luxury business traveler segment. These ads were tailored to encourage individuals to book test drives, request quotes, and fill out contact forms, driving higher website engagement.

Retargeting Campaigns

To maximize conversions, we activated retargeting strategies to re-engage interested users. By delivering relevant messaging to users who had previously shown interest, we nurtured them through the funnel and increased the likelihood of conversion.

The Conclusion

Jeep’s campaign to position the new Wagoneer as a luxury must-have in the UAE was a resounding success. By leveraging smarter connected marketing techniques, precise audience targeting, and data-driven strategies, Jeep achieved a remarkable 92% reduction in CPA and significantly increased engagement and conversions. This case study underscores the importance of understanding your audience and utilizing advanced marketing strategies to drive exceptional results. Jeep’s success story is a testament to the power of innovative, data-driven marketing in the competitive automotive industry.