Improving marketing efficiency
through more effective display advertising

Crimtan uses data-driven advertising to deliver relevant, engaging creative
at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Our proprietary technology, trading expertise and lifecycle approach means you
will fully realise the potential of display to maximise customer value.

Technology dashboard

Crimtan’s Intelligent Display Marketing Hub

Crimtan’s proprietary technology includes a privacy-compliant DMP, DSP and
DCO that uses audience, creative and investment intelligence to transform
display advertising into personal experiences that grow sales.

Our transparent approach shows the data, target audiences, creative delivery
and media spend for each campaign, and makes it easy for marketers to
understand the most effective strategies.


We enrich our clients’
data with other data
sources to understand
which consumers
will deliver the
greatest value


We leverage consumer
profiles and journey
signals to generate
personalised messages
and creatives
in real time


We secure access to
data and advertising
space that reaches
relevant consumers in
the right context in the
most cost-effective way

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Pre-campaign planning tools, real-time campaign dashboard and
unique analytics show where your digital marketing
spend is going and how it’s performing.

Technology dashboard

To find out more about Crimtan and how we can
help you run more effective campaigns,
get in touch with your nearest office or email us.