Three reasons why our clients trust us with their campaigns

In an increasingly noisy digital world, where it’s getting harder to compete for attention, clicks and sales, you need to ensure your campaigns are powered by industry-leading audience, investment and creative intelligence.

With split seconds to attract the attention of a potential customer, you can’t afford to waste your marketing budget on campaigns that won’t reach the right people, at the right stage of your lifecycle, with the right message.

Since 2009 we’ve been perfecting our technology and creative capabilities, and ensuring we build campaigns that don’t just meet our clients’ briefs, but exceed their expectations.

Here are three reasons why our clients trust us with their campaigns.

1. We build legally compliant campaigns

In today’s world, where privacy and regulations are changing all the time to protect consumer data, it’s essential that any advertising partner you work with is completely up to speed with all these different variations.

Privacy and compliance is at the heart of everything we do. When the General Data Protection Regulation came out we were one step ahead, developing our own privacy solution. And as regulations are tightened around the world, we remain a front leader with our technical solutions – without compromising on your results.

It’s important to us that, while we still drive relevance, and engagement, and are able to attribute performance, that we respect any of the local and regional variations when it comes to consent and consent management. So we ensure that any data that we capture is based on a particular purpose for a particular reason.

2. We ensure you are visible to the right people at the right time

Powerful campaigns deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. We leverage an ever-expanding and growing framework of real time bidding to put your product or service on the best publishers, across the world, in real time.

To ensure your campaigns are seen by the right people at the right time – with the right message – we use a combination of audience intelligence, investment intelligence and creative intelligence:

  • Audience intelligence – audience management: Crimtan ActiveID provides privacy-compliant user consent tracking services that combine signed in data and aggregated data with over 95% accuracy. Scale your high performing audience segments in real-time across all marketing channels.
  • Investment intelligence –  audience dashboard: Crimtan Architect is our transparent campaign management platform that reports exactly where your budget is being spent and the value of each and every marketing strategy, down to the individual line item.
  • Creative intelligence – dynamic creative optimisation: Crimtan Reflow and our in-house studio team can efficiently create thousands dynamic rich media creatives, with real-time product feeds, to ensure you always communicate with new buyers and customers with pinpoint accuracy.

3. We specialise in data driven performance

If you want to have relevant conversations with your customers you need to be able to gather, process and read the right data – while remaining fully compliant. We help you build data-driven campaigns that out-perform the market.

Data matters – at every stage of your campaign. In a world where the amount of data is growing exponentially every day, it’s important that you read the right data signals, and leverage the right data under the appropriate privacy legislation, to enable you to have the most relevant conversation with your customer.

  • How our data helps you to find new customers: When acquiring new customers it’s essential that you are fully compliant in gathering and processing data. consenTAG enables you to gather the consented data you need to run your campaigns.
  • How our data helps you to convert customers: When converting users into customers you need to ensure your ads are served to the right people with the right messaging. ActiveID gathers and combines data into one robust identifier to make sure your ads are seen by the right people.
  • How our data helps you to grow your sales: Our dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) campaigns ensure that your ads are tailored to the right customer at the right stage of your lifecycle, with precisely the right message, maximising your performance while minimising cost.

Of course, data doesn’t cease to be important once an ad is served – with the right attribution it offers valuable learning about that campaign, and can offer powerful insights about future performance.

We use our own Total Media Attribution (TMA) attribution model with our clients. The aim of TMA is to understand how media spend affects sales, and to optimise the allocation of spend across media to achieve the optimal media mix.

TMA can track where conversions come from, both online and offline, across a variety of different channels. It can measure the success of your current campaigns and simulate conversion returns on future campaigns.

Our TMA model works across everything from TV, radio, print and PR to digital – including Facebook ads, Google Ads, programmatic, DOOH, CTV and audio. Our accuracy of prediction reaches statistical significance (over 95%) and aims to be around 99%.

If you’d like to find out more about how we help our clients achieve industry-beating results, get in touch. We’d be delighted to have a chat.