Three types of data you can use to create powerful dynamic display ads for APAC financial products

When creating dynamic ads for APAC financial products, their success depends on the quality of data used for your targeting.

Get it right and you can serve highly targeted, dynamic ads with creative that matches the need a customer has at that exact moment – raising relevancy, results and trust.

Get it wrong, and you risk wasting your budget and even putting off the very people you want to impress by repeatedly serving them irrelevant and irritating creative.

So what kind of data do you need to ensure your dynamic ads match the profile of users, and are matched to the correct stage of their customer journey?

We’ve narrowed it down to three key types of data.

The three types of data you can use to create powerful dynamic ads for financial products

1) Location data

An example of how this can be used is to show a mortgage product with a low deposit to people looking to buy property in less well-off areas, and products with higher deposits and lower interest rates to buyers viewing more expensive locations.

2) Demographic data

Young people and students would respond better to a 0% transfer rate credit card, while older, better-off users are more likely to be looking for additional benefits on a fee-based card, such as free travel insurance.

3) Location and demographic data

Used in combination, location and demographic data means you can show a young person a free online current account offer, and older consumers a local branch and home improvement loans.

How to get creative with your data

Many finance display campaigns still use static ads or ads with very
little rich content. To get the maximum engagement and supercharge performance you need to add rich media content to a dynamic creative.

Product carousels, interactive content, social media tools, expandable content and other established rich media formats can all significantly increase brand awareness, site visits and, ultimately, sales.

Want to know more about using data to plan powerful dynamic ad campaigns for APAC financial products – and see actual examples of how it can be used? We take you through the entire customer journey and explain how to make the most of every ad opportunity in our latest whitepaper.

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