What does the future of marketing look like? Download this free report and find out

What do consumers want from advertising during COVID-19? And what will the post-lockdown customer mindset be like?

These are strange times for everyone – but for many brands COVID-19 will be make or break.

If you want to come through the lockdown stronger than ever, download the new Future CMO report by Raconteur, distributed by The Times in partnership with Crimtan.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn inside:

  • Why you need to adapt fast to changing customer behaviour right now, while planning long-term strategies for life after lockdown
  • Why – now more than ever – brands need to invest in search, and why it’s essential you understand the customer journey
  • Six changes in consumer behaviour as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that you need to be aware of
  • How the current crisis is giving you the opportunity to show you can “walk the talk” with purpose (and how to get it right)
  • Why your marketing spend in a crisis can decide what happens to your brand afterwards – and why creativity is so important right now
  • Why prioritisation and smart use of social media will be essential in the aftermath of the pandemic

In short, if you’re a marketing decision maker THIS is the report you need to read now.