Why we’re proud to become part of the IAB’s TCF 2.0

We are proud to become part of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0 (TCF 2.0), an important industry wide initiative that delivers more controls and transparency over their data to end users.

From our launch, Crimtan have always been supportive of best practices in data protection, and TCF 2.0 fits perfectly with our recent IASME Cyber Essentials certification.

What is TCF 2.0?

The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) was created to help everyone who displays and manages digital advertising and develops targeted content to comply with the GDPR and ePD when processing personal data, accessing and/or storing information on a user’s device.

Developed by IAB Europe in collaboration with organisations and professionals in the digital advertising and publishing industries, the first version of the TCF was launched on 25 April 2018.

In August 2019, IAB Europe, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab, announced the launch of the second iteration of TCF: TCF 2.0.

TCF v2.0 continues to support the overall drive of the TCF to increase consumer transparency and choice, management by digital properties of consent and compliance, and industry collaboration that centres on standardisation.

What’s different in TCF 2.0?

TCF 2.0 enables consumers to grant or withhold consent and also exercise their ‘right to object’ to data being processed. Consumers also have more control over whether and how vendors use certain features of data processing, for example, the use of precise geolocation.

Publishers using TCF 2.0 have greater control and flexibility with respect to how they integrate and collaborate with their technology partners. New publisher functionality allows them to restrict the purposes for which personal data is processed by vendors on a publisher’s website on a per-vendor basis.

If you’d like to learn more about TCF 2.0 you can download fact sheets and watch videos here.

We’re committed to upholding best industry practices

TCF 2.0 is just the latest step in our commitment to upholding best practices in the industry. As well as achieving Gold Standard certification from the IAB, we have also completed an independent audit confirming successful implementation of the JICWEBS Good Practice Principles for reducing the risk of ad fraud.

Crimtan CTO Yuri Staroselskiy says:

“Our mission is to be a trusted partner who delivers the most relevant, consented display advertising – and exceptional incremental ROI across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent customer service and outstanding results, and it’s important to us that we uphold the highest possible standards in everything we do.”

We also publish thought leading industry white papers, and recently partnered with The Times and Raconteur on a comprehensive report The Future CMO. You can download a free copy here.