Five key insights you can use to target car-buyers this spring

Earlier this year we partnered with auto experts Autovia and Haymarket to create the Auto Intent dashboard, giving car sellers in-depth access to buying signals from two out of three prospective UK car buyers. This dashboard has been helping auto marketers around the UK make even better marketing decisions.

As the majority of car-buying decisions now include online research, these buying intent signals have never been more important to drive efficiency in planning, targeting and measurement for automotive sales and marketing. With access to the Auto Intent audience, these insights can help car dealers to better understand their market and optimise their marketing and advertising activity for maximum ROI.

Here are the insights from the last couple of months, and what we’ve learnt about the auto target audience:

Car market puts its foot on the pedal

The dramatic 2023 car market recovery continues with a 73% increase in intent-to-buy from March, with this upward trend continuing through April and May, and a further 56% increase in intent-to-buy in May.


Regions on a charge

Month-on-month demand in northern, south-west and Scottish cities has seen an increase, with newcomer locations Plymouth, Bradford, Glasgow and Edinburgh featuring in the top 10.


Marques on the move

Demand for German marques continues to be the highest, holding a steady lead throughout the last three months. Volkswagen comes out on top, closely followed by Audi and then Mercedes-Benz.


The model making miles

Likewise, there’s stability in demand by model too. SUVs hold their strong lead, with the Volvo XC40 model showing the highest intent volume, followed by the Kia Sportage and the Volkswagen T-Roc. And, perhaps an underdog in the race, the Ford Puma is now seeing a strong MoM increase in demand – coincidently as the model minimum price sees an 11% decrease. Is this demand increase reflecting the effects of the cost of living crisis?


The green effect

Unsurprisingly, electric and hybrid-based engines remain on trend, with 62% of all content viewed this month covering these eco-models.

If you like these findings, and you want even more insight into the buying intent of 2 out of every 3 prospective UK car buyers to help you better plan your campaigns, then head to the AutoIntent dashboard, this way. With this in-depth data, you can make smarter decisions, and achieve even better results.

Get started and make smarter decisions today.