Crimtan acquires rich media and video management company, Scenestealer

The acquisition will see Crimtan clients benefit from rich media and video creative solutions in addition to helping publishers make more money from video on their site.

London, 25 October 2013: UK digital advertising technology company, Crimtan, has acquired Brighton-based creative and video software company Scenestealer for a six figure sum. This partnership will give Crimtan access to interactive, HTML5 rich media and video creative build and distribution systems, enhancing its branding offering to both advertising agencies and publishers looking to monetise content.

As web browsing on mobiles and tablet devices increases, and more online ads become rich media and video based, it is essential to build creative in HTML5. Most mobile and tablet devices do not support Flash, which results in up to a third of impressions being wasted or a less engaging default ad being served. For branding campaigns where brand awareness is often the primary goal this is a major issue. HTML5 creative overcomes this challenge, and ensures that engaging rich media and video ads are seen on all devices.

Rich media and video ad creative offers significant advantages over standard formats as it can include social interaction functions, multi-media content (such as maps, games and forms), and can expand to provide a more engaging and immersive brand experience.

Commenting on the integration, Crimtan’s Managing Director, Paul Goad, said: “Crimtan is always on the lookout for new products that complement our existing business and deliver real benefits to clients. Scenestealer’s rich media and video creative solutions significantly enhance our branding offer and put us right at the forefront of creative technology development. There is strong evidence that rich media and video advertising will continue to experience strong growth, and more and more advertising will be delivered to mobile and tablet formats. Our acquisition of Scenestealer means we are ideally placed to take advantage of this trend.”

The Scenestealer deal also includes Reflow, a proprietary software and video management and delivery platform that enables creative departments to build rich media and video creative – including expandable video – quickly, easily and at low cost. This means cost-effective multivariate testing can be achieved, which results in better performing branding campaigns.

A purpose built dashboard allows agencies to view the progress of their campaign in real time and provides industry leading insights into the creative, its usage and how it is being interacted with.

“We are delighted to join a company that immediately appreciated the potential of our software and systems, and has the vision and client portfolio to drive the business forward”, said Luke Westland, MD at Scenestealer. “We look forward to working closely with Crimtan’s clients to help them build creatives that take full advantage of the latest technology and market developments.”

This news story was first reported in Mobile Marketing.