Crimtan commits to content verification tools

Crimtan uses US brand protection company Adsafe to enhance brand protection across every UK and Ireland campaign.

Crimtan has become the first advertising company to commit publicly to using AdSafe’s content verification and ad blocking technology on every online campaign run in the UK and Ireland. The AdSafe Content Rating System scores and evaluates the content and brand safety of web pages on the individual page level and, utilising these ratings, helps protect advertisers’ brands from appearing on pages that contain inappropriate content, such as adult content, illegal downloads, offensive language, illegal drugs or hate speech.

Paul Goad, Managing Director of Crimtan, said: “Advertisers are extremely concerned about the risks their brands face when running ad campaigns online – and quite rightly. Until recently they’ve only had IASH to rely on, but with new companies and technology supplying more online advertising inventory than ever, brands need to take additional steps to ensure their ads don’t appear next to inappropriate content.

“Brand safety has always been a priority for Crimtan, and we strive to exceed industry best practice. We have scored 100% for every IASH audit, but the arrival of new technology like AdSafe’s allows us to go further in protecting advertisers. IASH has done a great job of cleaning up ad inventory, and we continue to support independent audits by working with ABC and our industry as IASH evolves to take CV tools into account – but we want to make sure that our advertisers benefit from the best brand protection tools available today. By running AdSafe on all our UK and Ireland campaigns advertisers will know that we continue to be fully committed to ensuring we provide the best possible environment for their online campaigns.”

David Hahn, SVP Product Management and Customer Service, AdSafe Media, said: “Crimtan has demonstrated a strong commitment to brand safe quality content by engaging AdSafe. Our Firewall product enables our partners to better protect advertisers, in order to reduce their media risk and increase their campaign scale. We look forward to collaborating with Crimtan to enable safer campaigns for advertisers going forwards.”