Crimtan integrates with global data provider, ShareThis

New deal brings real-time social data to its dynamic marketing platform

London, 19 September 2016: Crimtan, the dynamic marketing company specialising in data-driven digital advertising, has signed a partnership deal with ShareThis, a global data provider, to integrate its social sharing data into Crimtan’s marketing platform offering ‘ShareThis’ social segments.

This brings significant benefits to advertisers’ online branding campaigns as it allows brands to build custom segments that include brand champions and their social circle of like-minded individuals. These web users actively share their passion and interest by searching and sharing content about a specific brand.

To date, brands using ShareThis data through the Crimtan platform have seen a 60% increase in video view-through rate over contextual targeting, and engagement rates 58% higher than standard audience targeting sets.

Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of ShareThis, said: “It’s great that brands using the Crimtan Marketing Platform have already seen tremendous value in ShareThis data. A share captures people’s current passions and desires and is a meaningful signal of consumer behaviour. Having the ability to identify users’ current interests and purchasing desires will help Crimtan run even more effective branding and prospecting campaigns.”

Paul Goad, Crimtan Founder, added: “The integration of social data is particularly important to a dynamic marketing strategy as a person’s interests and passions are constantly changing. Dynamic social data provides a recent and better-defined view of people’s true interests at any moment in time and Crimtan will use ShareThis’ social data to enhance our user profiles by overlaying it with other data to improve targeting and optimisation for our clients.”

About Crimtan

Crimtan is a dynamic digital marketing company that turns consumer data into actions that enable businesses to increase brand awareness, find new customers and maintain customer relationships. Its expert team helps clients achieve competitive advantage through cross-device digital campaign strategies with unique insights.

Proprietary technology enables a connected media strategy that allows brands and offline data companies to conduct digital advertising campaigns that amplify offline marketing activity.

Crimtan provides a genuine point-of-difference for partners including Camelot, Amex, British Airways, MasterCard and Sky and was included in The Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 2014. The company has offices in the UK, Ireland, across Central Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Australia.

Crimtan is privately held and headquartered in London, UK. To learn more, visit

About ShareThis

ShareThis is a social data provider with real-time processing at its core. A pioneer in the industry, ShareThis believes the desire to share is rooted deep within human beings, reflecting passions, wants, and lifestyles that are constantly fluctuating throughout the day, week, and month. By identifying these human sentiments, ShareThis gains a better understanding of people, thus ensuring marketing messages are relevant and timely. The ShareThis consumer engagement and sharing tools are used by over 4.5 million domains to drive engagement, traffic, and personalization, capturing the widest and deepest sentiments of people across the internet.

ShareThis is privately held and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. To learn more, please visit