Crimtan teams up with two of the biggest automotive publishers in industry first

With the gradual death of the third-party cookie, advertisers need to look for increasingly creative ways to serve their ads to the right people.

And now, in an industry first, two of Britain’s leading automotive publishers have put aside their rivalries and teamed up with Crimtan to solve the problem.

Autovia and Haymarket Automotive are two of Britain’s biggest automotive publishers. Between them, the specialist automotive market leaders own Auto Express, BuyaCar, Car Throttle, DrivingElectric, Car Buyer, evo, Octane, Autocar, Car Accessory Trader, Classic & Sports Car, Move Electric and What Car?, giving them unique and unrivalled access to industry data.

Now, for the first time they have collaborated to pool their first-party data, and teamed up with Crimtan.
Why Autovia and Haymarket Automotive chose Crimtan as their partner

The rivals came together out of recognition that there were greater threats from the duoploy of Facebook and Google, and a changing advertising landscape, than each other.

Under the agreement, they will combine their data sets to offer data-driven advertising solutions across the open web and other digital channels. Their combined data understands every user’s journey, and they will be able to share this insight with advertisers to help them deliver timely and relevant messaging to their target audience at every stage of the car purchase journey.

This innovative new digital solution is powered exclusively by us, and will provide dynamic connected media delivery against highly targeted audience signals.

Autovia and Haymarket chose us as their programmatic partner because they would be more in control of their joint data.

We didn’t want to take the data and merge it into a pre-existing sell or product, which unvalued the purpose of what we want to achieve and the value in our brands – driving a better ROI for clients through quality known audiences that we as publishers control.
Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer, Haymarket Automotive

This is an exciting new proposition for automotive brands

This partnership is an exciting new proposition for automotive brands, and sets an interesting trend for publishers in other industries looking for ways to leverage their first-party data in the wake of the demise of the third-party cookie.

Both Autovia and Haymarket Automotive are fortunate enough to command hugely valuable audiences that drive car sales in the UK, and our first party customer data is second to none. By coming together we are able to provide an even stronger offering for OEMs, for the first time allowing them to use the collective intelligence across our websites and audiences.

Steve Machin, Advertising Director, Autovia Group

This announcement is significant for the fact it brings two traditional competitors together in order to provide a truly unique offering for advertisers in the automotive industry. We believe that our combined data sets will provide advertisers with unrivalled access and insights into a committed in-market audience.

Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer, Haymarket Automotive

This deal puts us – and therefore our clients – on the front foot, ready for when the Google third party changes come into force next year. By working together with Autovia and Haymarket Automotive, we are ensuring that we have a future-proofed first party audience offering ready-for-market.
Paul Goad, CEO, Crimtan

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