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Going beyond the walls of social with programmatic advertising

In today’s digital landscape, where consumer privacy and data protection reign supreme, advertisers are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience effectively. The combination of social media advertising and a cross-channel mindset has emerged as a game-changer for savvy brands looking to maximise their media investments while maintaining reach and scale.

Traditionally, social media marketing has been viewed as a separate entity, confined within the walls of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, with the evolution of programmatic advertising, brands now have the opportunity to extend the success of their social campaigns beyond these limits, tapping into the vast potential of traditional display advertising.

Enter Social Display advertising—a dynamic fusion of the engaging experience of social media with the precision targeting and scalability of programmatic advertising. By repurposing proven social media content for traditional banner placements, brands can amplify their reach across various channels while saving valuable resources on creative production.

But how does Social Display advertising work exactly?

It’s simple yet powerful. Social Display ads involve repurposing your existing social media content for placement in traditional banner formats. This approach not only extends the reach of your social campaigns but also leverages the creative assets you already have, eliminating the need for additional time and monetary investments in new ad creatives.

One of the key advantages of Social Display advertising is its ability to optimise campaign performance from the outset. By selecting social creatives that have already demonstrated effectiveness through engagement metrics, you can ensure that your messages resonate with your target audience, no matter what channel or format.

And by deploying Social Display ads programmatically, brands can benefit from advanced targeting capabilities, reaching new prospects with precision and efficiency. This approach not only enhances campaign performance but also mitigates the risks associated with advertising within the confines of social media walled gardens.

And the good news? Research indicates that Social Display ads yield impressive results, with an average 10x increase in click-through rates compared to standard display ads. Additionally, these ads garner 5x more engagement, highlighting their effectiveness in driving user interaction and brand awareness.

Beyond performance metrics, Social Display advertising offers a unique opportunity to engage audiences in a more organic and authentic manner. By presenting social media content in a non-intrusive format, brands can foster meaningful connections with consumers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

However, the true potential of Social Display advertising lies in its integration within a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. By combining the strengths of social media marketing with programmatic advertising across various channels and formats, brands can maximise their campaign ROI and achieve sustained success in today’s competitive landscape.

Social Display advertising represents a compelling opportunity for brands to break free from the confines of social media platforms and unlock new avenues for audience engagement and brand growth. By embracing this innovative approach and adopting a cross-channel mindset, advertisers can elevate their advertising strategies to new heights of effectiveness and efficiency.

So, are you ready to unleash the power of Social Display advertising and take your campaigns to the next level? Get in touch today.