How does our Incremental Value tool help you?

Want to ensure your programmatic ads are REALLY working? Find out why you need to use our Incremental Value tool.

When you invest money in advertising, you want to ensure that you are showing ads to people who would not have made a purchase (or other action) without seeing your ads. This is known as ‘incremental revenue’.

In short, incremental revenue is revenue that wouldn’t have happened without a specific paid marketing campaign.

What is incremental value testing?

Incremental value testing is a programme that demonstrates the true value of your paid marketing campaign.

Crimtan’s Incremental Value tool measures your incremental revenue by comparing differences in outcomes between an audience who saw your ads, and a comparable audience who didn’t.

But this isn’t just split testing; it’s more accurate, more specialised, and more trustworthy. We measure your return on investment (ROI) after removing revenue for natural conversion, meaning you’ll only ever track what counts.

What makes our Incremental Value tool different?

Our Incremental Value testing tool is unique. Unlike split testing alternatives that simply measure the audiences’ interaction with an ad, Incremental Value only measures the ROI of specialised targeted groups.

It is important to note that Incremental Value measures your ROI after removing revenue for expected conversions. This gives you more accurate data on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How does it work?

To test your incremental value, we split your target audience into two groups; a test, and a control group. The test group is exposed to your advert, while the control group sees a ghost ad. Both groups are tested across display, native and video for the entirety of the test period.

The test group and control groups are selected based on their user behaviour. The control and test groups both receive ads via the same strategies and bids. This ensures that campaign and ghost ads are delivered not only to similar users, but in the same environment.

Your incremental ROI is the return after removing revenue/conversions for expected/natural conversion levels.

As a result, our Incremental Value tool will show you exactly how much revenue your ads are bringing in – revenue you would not have earned otherwise. Giving you an accurate insight into the effectiveness of your Crimtan campaigns, and a true ROI.

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