How we deliver you more customers, more loyalty and more sales

If you want to increase your sales, you need more customers, and more loyalty and repeat purchases from your existing customers. Find out how our full lifecycle management approach will help you grow both.

So what is lifecycle management? Every customer has a lifecycle; you just need to find and deliver it. Our lifecycle management approach splits the customer lifecycle into three key areas: new, convert and grow.

We ensure that we’re employing the right strategies across measurements, creative, and format execution in each of these different areas to drive the best performance across your customer lifecycle. Because ultimately, we want to drive customer lifetime value for you.

Here’s how we help you grow your business at each stage of the customer lifecycle:

  • New – we track how your brand activity is performing: We leverage real-time signals and brand uplift of keyword searches to understand where and when new customers are showing interest.
  • Convert – we encourage new prospects to purchase from you: We drive new customer conversions by using relevant creative messaging across all digital marketing channels to achieve your optimal ROAS.
  • Grow – we drive incrementality from your customer-base: We grow your customer lifetime value by reducing the cost per reactivation through post conversion activities aimed at retention and re-sale opportunities.

Lifecycle vs siloed campaigns

Many brands are still managing their media campaigns based on siloed media channels, rather than messaging audiences at each touchpoint of the customer lifecycle to progress them to the next stage of their journey.

How we help you find YOUR lifecycle

Customer lifecycles can differ between brands, based on the products or services you offer and customer types. We’ve created a proven framework that helps establish your lifecycle and encourages audiences from first contact through to becoming a loyal customer.

You need to measure the right metrics

Many brands will measure their media by advertising performance KPIs, such as clicks, which do not represent the true performance of their marketing. Our lifecycle approach ensures that you are tracking the right metrics to deliver the results you need and maximise your ROI.

Want to learn more about how lifecycle management can help you? Book a call with one of our experts now and we’d be delighted to help.