Introducing Auto Intent, giving the auto industry access to 2 in 3 UK car buyers

We’ve partnered with auto experts Autovia and Haymarket to create Auto Intent, giving car sellers in-depth access to buying signals from 2 out of 3 prospective UK car buyers.

The dashboard is free and easy to use, allowing the auto industry to better understand both potential and current customers, with the ability to access real-time marketing information on current product demand within specific areas. With the majority of car-buying decisions now including online research, these buying intent signals have never been more important to drive efficiency in planning, targeting and measurement for automotive sales and marketing.

And, unlike other market data, Auto Intent gives car businesses an instant, real-time overview of what their customers are interested in, including key pieces of data such as location, preferred car type, fuel type and even car articles a potential buyer has looked at. This in turn will allow car dealers to better understand their market and optimise their marketing and advertising activity for maximum ROI.

62% of all auto content viewed month-on-month is for electric and hybrid based models

Andy Houstoun, Chief Commercial Officer at Crimtan, said: “At Crimtan, we are in a period of growth and this collaboration is one of many as we make the move into new markets. We are really excited about this partnership with Autovia and Haymarket and are confident that this collaboration will help to revolutionise automotive advertising.

“This collaboration comes ahead of Google’s upcoming changes to third party cookies and this model will help to future-proof all digital advertising efforts within the automotive industry by ensuring that the most relevant messages are delivered at the right time across the customer lifecycle.”

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