Meet Philippe Khouri, our new MENA Business Director

We’re delighted to welcome Philippe Khouri as our new MENA Business Director. Philippe brings over 20 years of media experience; from an account executive planning media budget of a major fast-food chain opening in the early 2000 in the region to heading 70% of the commercial revenue of one of the most prominent media group in the UAE.

What’s your career background?

I started my media experience in a boutique advertising agency in Lebanon: L&R communication; where I worked on Americana account while they were opening new KFC and Hardees branches in the Lebanese territory.

I started my media experience in a boutique advertising agency in Lebanon: L&R communication; where I worked on Americana account while they were opening new KFC and Hardees branches in the Lebanese territory.

In 2004 I co-founded 121 Interactive, a company specialized in ambient media, offering Ad placements in restaurants, bars and beach resorts.

I moved to the UAE in 2007 to join AWI the largest classified publisher in the Gulf, operating in more than 30 cities. My mission was to increase the revenue stream generated by large accounts as most of the classified business came from SMEs. I successfully introduced AWI to major agencies and volume agreements followed; AWI revenue from MBU increased by more than 50% in 2007.

In 2008 I joined Abu Dhabi Media as Ittihad newspaper commercial director. Two years later I was heading the newspaper department, managing Ittihad and The National. In 2012 I was promoted to head of news, grouping the offline and online business under my management. In 2015, I was managing all Abu Dhabi Media publishing and digital advertising revenue.

Why did you want to work at Crimtan?

I was looking for a major change in my career when I got the opportunity to find Crimtan. I am delighted to work for an energetic company that offers top-notch digital solutions to both agencies and clients.

Coming from a large corporation where massive changes happen very slowly, I saw in Crimtan the young company capable of pivoting and adapting to any market dynamic.

Adding to the agility of the company, Crimtan offers precisely what brands are looking for after difficult times like Covid: PERFORMANCE => higher ROI on their marketing budget spent.

Why is now an exciting time to be working in MENA?

Crimtan CEO Paul Goad says of Philippe’s move to Crimtan:

“Now is a particularly exciting time for Crimtan in MENA. After an especially tricky 18 months for the travel and hospitality sector, things are looking up, and Crimtan is exceptionally well placed to help brands reach those all-important customers with Philippe on board.

“Not only do we have a strong track record of success in the region, with clients like Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism (whose CTR we beat by 400%) and Jazeera Airways (for whom we delivered an ROI of 20:1), but our partnership with ADARA means we have access to invaluable travel data we can use to power dynamic creative ads that deliver unbeatable results for ambitious travel and hospitality brands.

“As a company we are particularly excited about the prospects for brands operating in Saudi Arabia as they open up for inbound travel.”

Who are Crimtan?

Crimtan are the experts in lifecycle marketing for programmatic. Launched in 2009, our mission is to be a trusted partner who delivers the most relevant, consented programmatic advertising, that drives exceptional incremental ROI across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent customer service and outstanding results.

We have offices across the world, including London, Chicago, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

What is lifecycle marketing?

While all digital marketing channels independently follow a similar process of finding new customers, converting prospects and then growing customer lifetime value, most track success by the wrong metrics and brands often base their marketing plans on activities that aren’t producing incremental new sales.

We believe the best way for brands to build relationships with their customers is through a planned always-on marketing approach of unified communications across multiple medias and channels.

NEW: Track how your brand activity is performing. Leverage real-time signals and brand uplift of keyword searches to understand where and when new customers are showing interest.

CONVERT: Encourage new prospects to purchase. Drive new customer conversions by using relevant creative messaging across all digital marketing channels to achieve your optimal ROAS.

GROW: Drive incrementality from your customer-base. Grow your Customer Lifetime Value by reducing the Cost Per Reactivation through post conversion activities aimed at retention and re-sale opportunities.

Want to find out more about what we do and how we can help you? Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to chat.