Success Stories

AX Paris achieves an impressive £3.80 CPA with Smarter Audience Targeting

Client Overview

AX Paris, a prominent fashion retailer in the UK, aimed to efficiently target their primary audience of 18-35 year old females. Known for its trendy and affordable clothing, AX Paris sought to optimise their marketing efforts to achieve a cost-effective customer acquisition strategy.


CPA, outperforming the target by 62%


Year old female key demographic successfully reached and engaged

The Challenge

AX Paris faced the challenge of targeting a specific demographic with precision to maximise their marketing efficiency.

Their objectives included:

  • Reaching their key target audience of 18-35 year old females
  • Achieving a cost per acquisition (CPA) of £10 or less
  • Leveraging data-driven insights to enhance targeting accuracy

The Objectives

AX Paris set out to:

  1. Efficiently target 18-35 year old females with relevant and precise ads
  2. Achieve a CPA significantly lower than the £10 target
  3. Utilise advanced audience targeting to drive customer acquisition

The Solution

To meet these ambitious goals, we implemented a sophisticated marketing strategy focused on smarter audience targeting. Our approach included:

Smarter Audience Targeting

We leveraged detailed audience insights to ensure our ads reached the most relevant and high-potential customers. This precision targeting was crucial in driving down the CPA.

Pixel Implementation

We placed a pixel on the AX Paris website to collect valuable shopper data. This data was then used to create a bespoke audience targeting setup, ensuring we were targeting users most likely to convert.

Behavioural Segments

Using our own behavioural segments, such as the entertainment and fashion audiences, we identified users similar to those already converting. This approach allowed us to deliver highly relevant ads to a refined target audience.

Lookalike Audiences

We also set up lookalike audiences based on the collected data. This enabled us to expand our reach to potential customers who shared characteristics with existing converters, further enhancing targeting accuracy.

The Conclusion

AX Paris’ campaign to target 18-35 year old females was a resounding success. By leveraging smarter audience targeting and detailed shopper insights, we helped AX Paris achieve a remarkable £3.80 CPA, significantly outperforming the £10 target. This case study highlights the power of data-driven marketing strategies in driving exceptional results in the retail sector. AX Paris’ success story is a testament to the impact of innovative marketing and the importance of understanding and engaging with specific audience segments effectively.