Success Stories

Matches Fashion achieves an astonishing 102:1 ROI with Smarter Connected Advertising

Client Overview

Matches Fashion, a global luxury fashion retailer, aimed to significantly boost their return on investment (ROI) through targeted marketing campaigns in both the UK and the US. Renowned for its curated collections and impeccable style, Matches Fashion sought a bespoke programmatic strategy to surpass their ambitious ROI targets.


Incredible UK ROI


Remarkable US ROI

The Challenge

Matches Fashion faced the challenge of achieving substantial ROI in highly competitive markets.

Their specific goals included:

  • Attaining a 12:1 ROI on campaigns in both the UK and the US
  • Reaching and engaging diverse audience segments effectively
  • Leveraging data-driven insights to optimise campaign performance

The Objectives

Matches Fashion set out to:

  • Surpass the target ROI of 12:1 in both key markets
  • Develop and execute a sophisticated programmatic strategy
  • Utilise audience insights to deliver highly relevant and effective ads

The Solution

To meet these ambitious objectives, we implemented an advanced and tailored marketing strategy using smarter connected advertising. Our approach included:

Smarter Connected Advertising

We crafted a highly personalised programmatic strategy that utilised sophisticated audience insights and advanced targeting techniques. This ensured that our ads were reaching the most relevant and high-potential customers.

Online Audience Clusters

We developed online audience clusters that mapped back to Matches Fashion’s in-house personas, including modern purists, urbanites, and visionaries. This allowed us to tailor our messaging and creative content to resonate deeply with each specific persona.

Product Affinity Lists

We built product affinity lists that correlated with each audience cluster/persona. By understanding the specific product preferences of each group, we served highly relevant ads that were more likely to drive engagement and conversions.

Geo-Demand Insights

Our data science team leveraged Geo-Demand insights to identify key markets of opportunity in both the US and the UK. This enabled us to focus our efforts on areas with the highest potential for success.

The Conclusion

Matches Fashion’s campaign to achieve a 12:1 ROI was a resounding success, delivering unprecedented results in both the UK and the US. By leveraging smarter connected advertising and data-driven insights, we helped Matches Fashion achieve a phenomenal 102:1 ROI in the UK and a 16:1 ROI in the US. This case study highlights the power of tailored, data-driven marketing strategies in driving exceptional results in the luxury retail sector. Matches Fashion’s success story is a testament to the impact of innovative marketing and the importance of understanding and engaging with diverse audience segments effectively.