Success Stories

Moss Bros achieves a 43% uplift in new customers with Smarter Connected Marketing

Client Overview

Moss Bros, the iconic UK retailer renowned for its superior men’s formalwear and cutting-edge fashion, sought to redefine its market presence.

With a legacy of unparalleled quality and style, Moss Bros aimed to captivate a broader audience and supercharge sales, particularly during the all-important Q4 pre-holiday season.


Increase in new customers compared to the previous five years

9:1 ROI

Significantly surpassing the initial target


Additional revenue, underscoring the campaign’s success


Cost per order, covering both new and existing customers

The Challenge

Moss Bros had traditionally overlooked programmatic advertising as a key marketing channel. However, with the crucial holiday season looming, the company needed a breakthrough strategy to attract new customers. Their ambitious objectives included:

  • Achieving a stellar incremental return on investment (ROI) of 4:1
  • Ensuring the brand's image remained impeccable
  • Dramatically increasing new customer acquisition in a fiercely competitive retail market

The Objectives

Moss Bros set bold and dynamic goals to:

  1. Uncover and engage new customers
  2. Smoothly transition prospects through the conversion funnel
  3. Amplify the lifetime value of their customer base
  4. Maintain brand integrity with precise and powerful advertising

The Solution

To meet these ambitious goals, we implemented a comprehensive and exhilarating marketing strategy that combined creativity with cutting-edge data analytics. Key components included:

Smarter Connected Marketing

Our innovative approach blended first-party data, third-party data, ambient insights, and performance overlays. This intelligent mix ensured our campaigns were not only strategically sound but also highly engaging and effective.

Creative and Data-Driven Campaigns

We crafted campaigns that were visually stunning and deeply informed by robust data analytics. This ensured our messaging resonated perfectly with the right audience at the ideal moments.

Mastering the Customer Journey

A crucial element of our strategy was a deep understanding of the customer journey. By creating tailored advertisements that gently nudged customers towards the checkout, we maximised every opportunity for conversion.

The Conclusion

Moss Bros’ journey through the competitive Q4 retail landscape was revolutionised by our smarter connected marketing strategy. By merging creativity with data-driven insights and a profound understanding of customer behaviour, Moss Bros not only captivated a wave of new customers but also significantly boosted their revenue. This case study powerfully illustrates the transformative impact of programmatic advertising and targeted marketing in driving retail success. Moss Bros’ triumphant story is a testament to the extraordinary results achievable when innovative marketing strategies are executed with precision and passion.