Supporting local governments with programmatic audience targeting to ensure no one is left behind during the cost of living crisis

In the face of the Cost of Living Crisis, UK local authorities grapple with a pressing challenge:

How to effectively inform and connect disadvantaged members of their communities to essential sources of financial assistance. There’s no other option than to overcome this critical issue and we’re here to help provide the answers and solutions of how communications officers at local councils can do just that.

Community outreach is hard at the best of times, but reaching those who are most disadvantaged by policy change is even harder. It’s widely understood and reported recently in the House of Commons’ Political Disengagement briefing that unskilled workers and the unemployed are more politically disengaged than people from other occupational backgrounds. Additionally, people with disabilities and those from ethnic-miniority background are also more likely to be politically disengaged than their abled-bodied and white ethnicity counterparts.

And while the cost of living crisis affects us all, it does not affect us all equally.

These disengaged groups are, unfortunately, often disproportionately disadvantaged by national and local policy change. So the important question is how do local authorities engage with these hard to reach members, and ensure their voices are heard when changes that affect their livelihood are proposed?

That’s where we can help. Our programmatic capabilities empower local authorities to reach those most in need with unparalleled precision. By leveraging advanced data analytics and automation, we can help local authorities identify and engage disadvantaged segments of the population, ensuring that crucial information about available financial assistance programmes, for example, reaches those who require it most urgently. And, because we can target your messaging with such precision, we also ensure you’re not wasting a penny of your marketing budget.

These campaigns not only share essential information about support services but also facilitate a seamless connection between the community and these vital resources. We ensure that the message resonates with the intended audience, fostering trust and encouraging participation.

And our approach goes beyond information communication; it prioritises engagement. By utilising various online platforms, interactive content, and data-driven strategies, we help Local Authorities create a genuine connection with disadvantaged members of the community. This fosters a sense of inclusivity, reduces barriers to accessing financial assistance, and ultimately leads to improved outcomes for those in need.

We’re proud to work hard to represent a transformative solution for Local Authorities seeking to inform and connect disadvantaged community members with essential financial assistance programs during the Cost of Living Crisis.

We also work with local councils in other ways, such as working with Lambeth Borough Council to generate thousands of survey responses regarding their latest waste collection proposal. You can read our full case study here.

But whatever your challenge is, our expertise in programmatic audience targeting ensures that no one is left behind, empowering communities and local governments to work together in connecting public need with public service. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today