Three ways DCO can help you to conquer COVID-19 production challenges

COVID-19 has made it difficult for advertisers to cost effectively produce a high volume of ads for their marketing campaigns.

But luckily there are clever ways of reducing costs for banner ads. And to help you make the most of them in your digital advertising campaigns, Crimtan’s Country Manager, ANZ, Milan Blazevic explains how you can use DCO to conquer your current production challenges.

What is DCO?

DCO is simply an ad technology that helps brands serve relevant ads by linking the data an advertiser has on a user to the exact ad that the user will see.

The creative can be tested by multiple variants (messages, images, CTA’s) and filtered back to best-performing segment.

How can advertisers use DCO to tie into their marketing mix?

So how can you use DCO to tie into your marketing mix if you’re an advertiser?

DCO is quite simple to set up. But the biggest challenge advertisers struggle with is implementing the right DCO strategy linked to a realistic outcome.

To help you make the most of DCO to conquer your COVID-19 production challenges, here are three tips.

1) You need to clearly define your objective

Brands need to be clear about their advertising objective – whether it is to drive new customer acquisition or increase ROI for key products – and understand how the DCO strategy will link to them to ensure those outcomes are met.

As beautiful, clever, and relevant ads can be, if you are using them solely for a retargeting strategy and your cookie pool is tiny, then you are not going to see the desired uplift in new customer acquisition.

So if you need to drive new prospects to your site to expand your retargeting pool, then you need to create a new outcome.

Once you have implemented that, the logic around what relevant messages should be used becomes so much easier to define.

2) Don’t be complex for the sake of it

If you have thousands of rows of products, with hundreds of message variants to test, scale and learn from then ask yourself, “What data do I have that make me think that these variants will work best?”

Wastage is not just media impressions delivered to the wrong audience, it also applying the wrong tactics without data to define it.

So take it slow. Why are you looking to test an elderly couple image and messages for a younger product, without any data that the audience is even interested?

3) Follow the customer journey

When it comes to relevant creative, each iteration resonates differently for people across their purchase journey.

Studying onsite behaviour can allow an advertiser to create unique customer journeys for different user groups.

Compare a low income, high aspiration user who adds multiple products to the cart but only purchases one, to a higher income user, who adds fewer products but purchase them all.

Each user group has different values, and the creative strategy, frequency, and media investment to reach that user should evolve accordingly.

Reap the benefits of DCO in your campaigns

DCO has made it simpler for advertisers to be relevant and compelling. And if you plan, measure and execute your campaigns with your business goals in mind, you should certainly see the benefits.

Want to find out more about how you can maximise the benefits of DCO? To find out, please contact your local Crimtan office.