What does Black Friday 2020 have in store for retailers? Download our free report and find out

Black Friday is usually one of the biggest retail events of the year for many brands. However, as we’re all painfully aware, there is nothing ‘usual’ about 2020.

Whether you’re a brand that’s planning to stick to Black-friday-as-usual or are plotting a month-long extravaganza (as 67% of brands are, according to our LinkedIn poll), there’s a lot you can glean from past year’s activity to predict how shoppers might act – and plan campaigns around it.

Using our first party data from last years Black Friday event, we’ve pulled together a report on key customer behaviour and habits to help retailers embrace this important retail event – and maybe even claw back sales lost to COVID-19.

We’ve examined our data over a two week period that includes the week leading up to Black Friday, over the Black Friday weekend, and the week following it. In the report you’ll learn:

  • How people’s behaviour changed over the two weeks – and why
  • What days and times saw the highest purchasing
  • When customers bought on mobile – and when they switched to desktop
  • Why some of the biggest Black Friday sales spikes happen BEFORE the big day

If you’re retailer planning a campaign for this years Black Friday event, this report is a must-have. It will help you to understand customer purchasing behaviour and habits, and plan more powerful campaigns around it.

So download your free copy of the report and get your insights now.