Seamless cookieless connections

Broaden your campaign targeting across all channels, browsers, and devices and track how your campaign message performs across all Programmatic.

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It’s a Brave New World

ActiveID is our cookieless identifier that listens, plans, activates, and measures how audiences engage with your campaign at every digital touchpoint within your customer lifecycle. We are a privacy-first company, so no matter the changes ahead in digital advertising, you can be assured your campaign will have that competitive advantage.

The Audience Identifier you need

The deprecation of cookies and the introduction of global privacy initiatives doesn’t mean you can’t still run a great performing campaign. We combine customer and signal data to deliver highly accurate, privacy-compliant advertising with pinpoint accuracy and scale.

Cookieless Identity

Employ data signals and direct integrations with publishers to target and measure the most valuable audiences of your ad campaign.

Privacy Compliant

Fully compliant with even the strictest government privacy legislation from around the world, include GDPR and CCPA.

Highly Accurate

Combine both probabilistic and deterministic user data to produce a hybrid targeting system that achieves higher audience match rate.

More Persistent Than Cookies

Extend your lifecycle programmatic tracking to match against seasonal events over a longer period and compare against other long-term marketing initiatives.

Measure All KPIs and Metrics

Run advanced attribution models using the right metrics for your business at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Cross Browser and Cross Device Tracking

Bring all of your programmatic delivery under one measurement tool and get your performance updates in a single unified view.

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