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Unlock actionable insights to chart the course of your campaign success and reveal the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind your incremental sales boost.

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Gain Impactful Insights

ArchiTECH is a marketer’s dream dashboard. Step into a world where data drives every decision towards success. We have spent the last 10 years working alongside marketers from every industry to make a qualified data-driven insights engine that guides your decisions on how to best allocate your budget allocation and which channels to optimise to skyrocket your performance outcomes.

Transparent, Collated and Comprehensive

Drill down to every line item, cross tab each audience, skew your performance data to uncover the pin in every haystack. ArchiTECH offers an unparalleled look into programmatic performance that no other dashboard provides.


Measure how our online performance translates into your offline sales in-store with connected attribution.

Engagement & Attention

Talk to engaged customers by measuring each ad attention and optimise for maximum memorability.

Location Heuristics

Every impression, site visit, and conversion is location-specific, ensuring that creatives are delivered precisely where they can cut through the noise.

Browsing Habits

Understand your audience with our unique behavioural segments and drive relevancy by talking about what matters most to each of them.

Purchase Patterns

Each customer has distinct spending habits. Our purchase pattern engine analyses these behaviours and recommends the most relevant products accordingly.

Persona Insights

We build living, breathing, actionable personas that unify tactics across channels and form a backbone of your marketing strategy.

Performance Measurement

The bottom line should always be revenue. We customise attribution models to fit your unique conversion path, so that all channels are given the credit they deserve.

Competitor Analysis

You need to understand the market you are operating in. Our competitor analysis models your entire market and alerts you to changes as they happen.

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