Success Stories

TeamSport races to a stunning 17:1 ROI with ActiveID and DCO

Client Overview

TeamSport, the UK’s premier indoor karting company, sought to turbocharge their customer engagement and revenue. Known for providing thrilling racing experiences, TeamSport aimed to attract a younger audience, specifically primary school-aged children, to their tracks during the school holidays.


Remarkable ROI for August


Impressive overall ROI over nine months

The Challenge

TeamSport faced the challenge of not only attracting new young drivers but also increasing the lifetime value of their existing customers. Their ambitious goals included:

  • Achieving high engagement and attendance during school holidays
  • Utilising advanced marketing techniques to reach and captivate new audiences
  • Maximising ROI through personalised and dynamic advertising strategies

The Objectives

TeamSport set out to:

  1. Draw in primary school-aged children to their karting tracks
  2. Enhance the lifetime value of their existing customers
  3. Leverage browsing behaviour data to deliver dynamic, relevant messaging
  4. Achieve a high return on investment (ROI) through targeted marketing efforts

The Solution

To achieve these objectives, we implemented an innovative and high-octane marketing strategy that combined Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), smarter audience targeting, and ActiveID technology. Key elements included:

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

We used DCO to serve personalized creative content based on audience demographics, location, and onsite search criteria. This ensured that every interaction was relevant and engaging, tailored to where customers were in their buying journey.

Smarter Audience Targeting

Our strategy involved leveraging advanced audience targeting techniques to reach new potential customers while also nurturing existing ones. By analyzing browsing behaviour, we delivered dynamic messaging that resonated with young drivers and their families.

ActiveID Technology

ActiveID technology played a crucial role in understanding and tracking customer interactions. This technology allowed us to gain valuable insights into booking patterns and track-specific performance, enabling precise campaign optimization.

The Conclusion

TeamSport’s campaign success exemplifies the power of combining cutting-edge marketing technologies with strategic insights. By leveraging DCO, smarter audience targeting, and ActiveID technology, we helped TeamSport achieve an outstanding ROI and attract a new generation of young karting enthusiasts. This case study highlights how innovative marketing solutions can propel a brand to new heights, ensuring both immediate and long-term success. TeamSport’s journey is a testament to the thrilling results that come from a well-executed, data-driven marketing strategy.